Ozone Sauna

What is Ozone?
The oxygen you breathe is the most stable form of oxygen and it's colorless. It is made up of two oxygen atoms. Ozone is a blue colored form of oxygen (it is what makes the sky blue) with three oxygen atoms. The third atom in ozone it's remarkable madical properties.
The use of ozone to treat various medical conditions was firs developed in Gemany in the early 1950's. Today, medical ozone therapy is commpn throughout Europa, and it's use has gradually been spreading in America over the last 25 years.

Is Ozone Toxic?
Anything, including water and axygen, is toxic if given in amounts that exceed the body's capacity to utilize it. Ozone is found naturally in the body. Pure medical grade ozone has a safety record that is unparalleled whan it is usued according to the established medical guidelines.

Is Ozone Therapy For Me?
Some conditions will not clear up unless ozone is used and many conditions will clear up without ozone. Due to it's therapeutic prperties, ozone can be used as part of a thereapeutic plan for many disease.

Ozone Therapy Sauna
An Activated Oxygen session is one of the most powerfull methods to detoxify and oxygenate your body. The mois heat in the steam sauna opens up your pores and dilates your capillaries, helping to 'flood your body with oxygen'.
The Activated Oxygen oxidizes toxins in fat, blood, and the lymph system.The majority of the toxins are sweated out in the sauna, which you may be able to see the toxins after your sauna session.

Ozone Therapy Sauna Benefits
During your sauna session, your heart rate increases by 50-75%. Combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, a sauna session can burn as many as 400-600 calories.
Increased circulation , metabolism, and energy.
Enhanced cellular immunity with an overall feeling of having been 'cleansed'.
Restoration of supplenss and elasticity with increased oxygen.
Increased oxygen levels stimulate production of new skin cells.
Toxins are removed from fat. This leaves the body to no longer need the fat to store the toxins and substantial weight loss is often realizied.